Rachael Ray Forskolin Weight Loss Transformation!

It is easy to see why a lot of people know Rachel Ray these days.  Her achievements in the field of television shows, culinary arts, book publishing, and product endorsements are simply every   individual’s dream. The success that Rachel reached in her life isn’t one that was easily handed over to her.  For every step of the way, there were always things that contributed to what she was able to do.

Rachel Ray weight loss Rachel Ray’s books, TV shows, and magazine appearances have inspired fans to levels that most of us can only imagine. However, it is the Rachel Ray weight loss story that has really been getting a lot of attention now. There are people who are saying that this story shows the true secrets to  fitness and health even  if one is exposed to stressful  levels of work and the fast pace of modern lifestyle.

If we want to have a good overview of the Rachel Ray weight loss story, it would be logical that we look back at her past and background. She was born in 1968 to parents who both have rich cultural backgrounds that involve the culinary arts. Through her veins flow Italian and French blood which can explain her inclination to food, recipes, and the culinary arts.

When her family moved to a New York town eight years after she was born, this is where her exposure to the food business began.  Many years later, as a grown-up woman, she made the big move to the New York City and acquired valuable experiences and skills in the industry of fresh food preparation and sourcing.

During her work stint, she was able to create the concept of “30-minute meals” which is meant for those who follow the fast, modern lifestyle. Of course, the rest is history. Rachel Ray was able to sign off TV show contracts which allowed her to showcase her cooking and culinary skills. She was on the TV for at least 3 times a day (3 cooking shows) which allowed her to achieve the status of a professional celebrity cook.

Rachel’s cooking stints, of course, require her to taste and eat the food she presents to the public. This is one of the many reasons why her body is what she is if we will recall her past years on TV. She was the curvaceous, plus-sized celebrity cook who everyone adores. The good thing about Rachel is that she is proud of her body.

The true turning point of the Rachel Ray weight loss story came when she was diagnosed with a cyst on her throat. After undergoing surgery to remove the mass, she started a series of physical activities in order to aid her body in the healing process. There were no special fitness or exercise programs availed.  Rachel and her husband just went regularly to the gym and focused on some simple workouts.

Rachel hit the treadmill or the elliptical machine and ran an equivalent of 3 miles per day. After this, her workouts eventually included some weight lifting routines. These workout sessions were done diligently and there were “rest” days on which Rachel allocated for the enjoyment of silence, peace, and tranquility at home.

With regards to her diet, she claims that she did nothing special.  She just stuck to the ways of healthy eating as we all know it. It was later revealed in a TV interview that for a couple of days per week, she would go “meat-free” and focus on vegetarian food items. She even shared some of her recipes which fans have tried and tagged to be both healthy and tasty.

While Rachel claims that she didn’t monitor her weight, it was very apparent that she has lost at least 2-3 dress sizes. Her fit and sexy body is a sight to behold when she airs on TV or goes out in the public.

So, what does the Rachel Ray weight loss story teach us? Apparently, the lesson is right in the open. You don’t have to exert superhuman efforts when it comes to the goal of losing weight. By sticking to the basic principles of healthy living and lifestyle, this is something that is achievable. By doing regular exercise, sticking to healthy eating habits, and keeping stress out of our lives, weight loss can be an effortless thing to do!