Chris Christie Weight Loss: Lap-band Surgery

The presidential race of 2016 saw many people running for the White House. And while the media would cover the popular faces, there are a few that have managed to get by. One such candidate is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. So does the Chris Christie weight loss story can be attributed to his bid for the top post?

Chris Christie Weight LossFor many who have followed Gov. Chris Christie in the last few years, it has been noted that he has lost a weight, especially during his presidential run of 2016. And even when it’s all and done, for Christie, his hard work to lose weight doesn’t end at the polls. The sole reason for Chris Christie weight loss transformation is that he just really wanted to improve his health and not for his presidential bid.

Patrick Murray, who is a pollster from told the Asbury Press a year prior that, “You don’t have to be built like a track star to be president, which Bill Clinton proved, but you have to be within a certain range [of weight] because appearance matters and Chris Christie was outside that range.”

If there ever was a moment that best shows Chris Christie weight loss came in February 2013. He has undergone a surgery that would see a Lap-Band surgically inserted and put around the stomach restrict space allowing the person to feel full more often. Then during an episode of the Late Night Show with David Letterman, the host noticed Christie pulling out a donut and eating it during the interview, all while interrupting Letterman during a comment about the fact that he made so many jokes in regards to the governor’s weight.

Christie asserted with humor that he didn’t even knew this was going to be so long. He told David Letterman that he didn’t mind the jokes made about his weight, as long as he found them humorous. Letterman, meanwhile, said that he is basically, the healthiest fat guy he’s ever seen in his life.

Not all comments made about his weight have been positive. After the show, during a check-up with his doctor at the White House, Christie lashed out a doctor, who merely express concern in regards to his health, stating that there might be a possibility that he might suffer a heart attack if he is elected into office. Christie angrily silenced her, saying that she frightened her kids that he might possibly suffer a fatal heart attack even though she never examined him.

Christie explained to Letterman that he insisted to the doctor that he was not unhealthy, even though the doctors told him that things could change as he gets older.

There were also rumors that he may have stayed out of the 2012 Presidential Elections, despite being urged by his Republican peers to join, due to Chris Christie’s issues with weight loss. This was made worse when Mitt Romney was rumored to have passed up on Christie due to his size and health issues.

Fortunately, ever since the Lap-Band surgery, his doctor have noted that he may have lost an estimated 100 pounds. Unfortunately, Chris Christie weight loss are still confidential, so it is not known on how much weight he exactly lost.