Graham Elliot Weight Loss Surgery and his Incredible Transformation

For fans of the US edition – MasterChef, especially longtime fans, were in utter shock as the Graham Elliot they were all familiar with underwent an astonishing transformation, where his weight loss resulted in a new appearance that caught fans by surprise. Graham Elliot weight loss simply continues to amaze fans.

As a result, many were asking themselves as to how Graham Elliot weight loss contributed to that newer, thinner look? How did he manage to shed off an estimated 150 pounds? His doctor reveals further information.

Graham Elliot weight loss doctor Vivek Prachand, who is the director of minimally invasive surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine, performed a duodenal switch on the 400-pound chef. Said procedure, according to Prachanda, said that it helps patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 50 to limit their food and calorie intake. However, such a surgery is not without its risks.

Prachand said that because the surgery carries a possibility that it could interfere with Graham Elliot’s capacity to process dietary fats, it was eventually determined that it was not the best option for him.

‘”Multiple small tastings are central to Elliot’s work,” Prachard said.

Fortunately for the US MasterChef, Prachard offered an alternative – A gastric sleeve, which helps reduce the stomach’s overall size and shape to almost to that of a banana, all while leaving digestion intact.

According to Prachand, “It was a reasonable way to start. If it wasn’t sufficient by itself, we could follow it with the rest of the DS at a later time.”

To Dr. Prachard, he considers Elliot as an “ideal patient” due to the rate of his recovery, as well as his willingness to exercise daily while modifying his diet after the surgery was performed back in 2013.

Thanks to the procedure, Graham Elliot weight loss resulted in a drop in weight to 250 lbs in March of 2014, and his BMI ranged between 27 and 29.

“When you start out above 50, 29 is fantastic.  Graham is where we want him to be right now. He’s motivated and committed to functional fitness,” says Prachard. He stated that thanks to Graham Elliot weight loss, his blood pressure, and cholesterol levels have been lowered, thus giving him no more reason to wear a sleep apnea device.

It was reported in May that Graham Elliot completed his very first 10k run in Chicago, where he managed to finish in just one hour and sixteen minutes.

As for Elliot’s diet, his everyday diet comprises of salmon or chicken with a side of vegetables or salad. He was suggested to almost cut down on bread, pasta, beer, and soda. As for sweets, Elliot was suggested with fruit and cottage cheese, or apple slices dipped in peanut butter.

Graham Elliot weight loss have also changed his outlook for the better. “I now look at food as fuel and focus on my protein intake. I’m in love with “pure” flavors, things that are natural and delicious, minimally fussed with, that showcase the season. I combine that with portion control,” he said.