Miranda Lambert Weight Loss: The Miracle Diet Plan

Media was abuzz when photos surfaced of Miranda Lambert’s slimmer body, creating much discussion and even some envy in countless women. And when fans took to social media to find proof as to how she was able to achieve such a milestone in her life, it turned that Miranda Lambert weight loss is a result of her marriage.

She showed off her new body at the 2015 CMAs, dressed in a sleek gown from Versace and adorned in jewelry from H. Stern. While some would focus on the dress and accessories, most were focused on the much slimmer figure that Miranda sported, along with a much slimmer Blake when he performed his hit single “Gonna” in front of excited crowds.

The 2015 CMAs was a great event for the two, and it’s not just their new physiques. Miranda Lambert weight loss transformation also proved to have a positive effect on her career as critics and fans alike praised her new look. In addition, she won the nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year, and Blake revealing his relationship with Stefani.

After the event, many were left wondering, what did they do to shed all that weight?  According to reports, Lambert lost as much as 45 pounds from 2012. She attributes this incredible weight loss to portion control and maintaining a strict diet.

Miranda Lambert weight loss exercises starts with controlling her appetite. While she loves food, she maintains control of herself, reducing portions whenever she can, while drinking more juice. With the help of her trainer, she underwent a rigorous exercise schedule which consists of cardio, circuit training, lunges, exercises using resistance bands, and so much more. And once she’s done exercising, she would spend the rest of her free time jogging, horseback riding, and walking

Lambert told Marie Claire back in 2014 that, “When you have to walk out there in front of thousands of people, it does feel good to know that your sh-ts not jiggling. I’m just like anybody else, insecure and scared of looking bad or being criticized.”

Shelton also surprised fans with this thinner self at the 2015 CMAs. Rumours circulated that his weight loss began around the time of his split in July. Unlike the exercises that Miranda Lambert underwent for her weight loss, Shelton’s exercise and diet are a little on the unconventional side, doing what he essentially y calls a “divorce diet.”  According to him, “The whole stress of going through all of that is just … It was weird. I’m not eating as many fried pickles and stuff. I’m doing great. I am.”

And while he and Miranda Lambert weight loss started not long after their split, especially in Shelton’s case where it skyrocketed once he decided to mow the lawn.  “I push mow my lawn. One day, in the middle of crisis and chaos in my personal life, I walked out and I was just thinking, ‘What’s going on in my life? [And] what the hell is going on with my yard?! Are you kidding me, it’s like 3-feet tall out here.