Kim Kardashian Weight Loss: What’s Her Diet Secrets?

Fans of the Kardashians, especially through their popular reality TV series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” have followed Kim’s efforts in shedding her weight for many months. And while the family is never known for their knowledge in the field of weight loss, the popular reality TV star recently revealed that she had lost more than a hundred of pounds.

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Tips

Kim Kardashian weight loss began when she managed to shed off 60 pounds she gained during her previous pregnancy. And since then, she continued her efforts and it’s not just Kim Kardashian’s weight loss, even Kourtney has lost about 35 pounds five months after she gave birth. Even Khloe managed to lose 40 pounds.

And many fans wondering, “How did they do it?” For many years, there have been countless weight loss strategies that have emerged, but to varying degrees of success. With Kim Kardashian weight loss goals, they’ve all been narrowed down to a few key steps:

1.) Set a realistic weight loss goal

The whole Kim Kardashian weight loss post-pregnancy journey saw her set some goals for herself, sharing pictures of her progress on social media. Experts believe that people who weigh themselves frequently have a much better chance of losing weight because it gives them actual progress. As long as the goal is set realistically that focuses on gradual change rather than radical ones, you’ll do just fine.

2.) Drink protein shakes during breakfast

According to Kourtney, protein shakes are the ideal way to start the day. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian’s weight loss schedule would usually begin with a shake made from banana, apple, milk, almonds, non-fat yogurt, cinnamon, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for flavor, all mixed in with a QuickTrim protein powder. This way, it becomes very convenient in the morning to start off with a high-protein breakfast.

3.) Eat the same breakfast for six months, then change it

According to Kourtney, who is known for being a habitual person, wrote that her breakfast consist of the same meals for six months, only to eat something different for the remainder of the year before starting anew when the year ends. Experts said that this helps in narrowing down options to help you consume lesser calories.

4.) Reduce calorie consumption

Kim Kardashian weight loss schedule enables her to limit how much calories she consumes in one day. According to her nutritionist, she eats less than 1,800 calories a day. Reducing calories has a variety of benefits. This is especially beneficial for those who constantly track their calorie intake.

5.) Let out your emotions into any exercise

Your emotional state can affect how you go about your day, especially when you’re maintaining your weight. According to Khloe, she eats whenever she feels bored, happy, or just out of habit. But when things get intense, such as her breakup with Lamar, she turned to exercise to vent out her emotions, especially with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. “He taught me that the trick to staying motivated is to find what you really love to do,” Khloe said.