Forskolin Benefits and Side Effects Explained

Forskolin, which is extracted from the Indian forskii plant, has served as an effective natural remedy for years. Forskolin is used in eye drops to improve vision and protect the eyes from cataracts. The supplement is also often added to medicines to boost the function of the heart and lower blood pressure. While forksolin is beneficial for a number of reasons, there are also forskolin side effects that you should be aware of.

One of the forskolin side effects to watch out for it very low blood pressure. Forskolin is used to improve circulation and prevent blood from clotting in a way low blood pressurethat would cause strokes and other health problems. However, if you’re already taking heart or blood pressure medication, forskolin could cause your blood pressure to drop too low. This could lead to serious health complications. If you’re considering taking forskolin and are already taking medicine for your blood pressure, be sure to discuss this with your physician.

Since forskolin prevents clotting, the supplement could cause excess bleeding in some individuals. If you notice that your menstrual cycle is much heavier than normal or you bleed more than usual after getting a small cut, stop taking forskolin right away. If you are scheduled to have surgery, it’s imperative that you stop taking forskolin at least two weeks before your operation. This can lessen the chances of excess bleeding during and after surgery.

pregnantIf you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advisable to use forskolin. The supplement may be unsafe for pregnant women, due to its ability to prompt the body to circulate blood. Taking forskolin during pregnancy may also cause slow growth of the fetus, or cause the unborn baby to stop growing. Not enough information has been collected to determine whether forskolin affects the milk of nursing mothers. If you find out that you are pregnant and are taking forskolin, talk to your physician right away to find alternative natural treatments that are safe for you and the baby.

Although there are forskolin side effects that can greatly affect your health, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of beneficial reasons to add the supplement to your daily health regimen.

Aside from forskolin being a natural treatment for weight loss, eye and heart health, the supplement can also help individuals who suffer from bronchitis or breathe easyasthma. The compounds in the forksii plant help to make breathing easier by prompting air to traveling through the respiratory system at an efficient rate. Forskolin also has antibacterial properties. So, if you have a cold or infection that is affecting your breathing, taking the natural supplement can get rid of impurities and toxins. The antibacterial properties in forskolin also make it a great natural anti-inflammatory agent. It can be taken orally or topically to treat allergic reactions, and to treat and prevent psoriasis and eczema. Forskolin can also be taken as a natural treatment for urinary tract infections. The supplement can also keep the infection from returning.

Forskolin also has the ability to soothe the digestive tract. If you are suffering from conditions such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, the herb can be effective in easing stomach pain and cramps after eating. Forskolin can be taken immediately after a meal to prevent stomach discomfort.

Forskolin is most commonly used in the Western world for weight loss. The supplement helps to boost the metabolism and stimulate enzymes in the body that burn fat. Medical studies have shown that people can lose weight by taking forskolin, even without making changes to their diets or exercising regularly. Of course, the effects of forskolin are enhanced when you eat a balanced diet and exercise at least three times a week.

regulate sleep cycleForskolin can also regulate your sleep cycle. The amount of rest you get each night is directly related to your body’s ability to burn fat. Forskolin can treat insomnia, so that your body has time to renew itself each night and reset your metabolism effectively.

Use caution if you are taking forskolin in combination with other herbs. You should also take forskolin in the smallest dosage possible initially, so that your body can become accustomed to the herb. This will also let you know whether you have an adverse reaction to the supplement before you have too much of the herb in your system.

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